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PEM Committee members are elected in the PEM Annual Meeting. They form the advisory team which leads the work strategically. It has been the prayer of the committee that PEM could effectively serve the kingdom of God and all PEM members to fulfil the task Jesus gave us – to go into all the world so that the gospel would reach all nations near and far!

The current PEM Committee members are:

Mikkonen Rauno (chairman, FI)
Ritisan, Gheorge (vice chairman, RO)
Corradini, Dino Gabriel (treasurer, ES)
Andersen, Kent (NO)
Gargano, Angelo (IT)
Pinter, Imre (HU)
Schneider, Peter (DE)
Waern, Paul (SE)
Wojnar, Bohuslav (CZ)

Also the following people participate the PEM committee meetings:

Hug, Veera (PEM Manager of Operations, FI)
Costanza, Daniel (PEF Coordinator, BE)
Szabo, Joseph (US AOG Representative, US)

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