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27th of May 2017
Global Outreach Day

No limit:



May to October 2017 (duration: one week / 5 days)

Bicycle riders sharing Jesus in Spain!
Teams (of 5 people) are wanted to ride by bike along the Santiago de Compostella. They can tell the gospel in the small villages on the way, getting excersize and enjoying the beautiful landscape. Many people there have no access to evangelical churches. Many people from all over Europe walk along the same way and make a pilgrimage. Their hearts are open to the gospel!
You can also join by foot on this route, more info:



France / Marseille

12th to 24th of July 2017 (Summer O’1)
2nd to 14th of August 2017 (Summer O’2)

Languages; German and French

Contact and more info:


Italy / Rome

18th to 31st of July 2017

Jesus Revolution Rome 2017 is an opportunity to go on an epic adventure with God to reach the youth of Rome with the gospel. It is two weeks in the Summer packed with training and outreach. In one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we will gather hundreds of youth from all over the world, live in an amazing hotel, and seek God’s face, before we release His presence in the streets. In addition, we will celebrate 20 years of Jesus Revolution, and invite leaders from all over the world to a week-end of training and celebration. You simply cannot miss this!

Jesus Revolution:


Kenya and Uganda 

8th to 23rd of September 2017
25th of November to 9th of December 2017 (website only in German)

Both of the outreaches will take place in Kenya and Uganda, targeting young people from 18-35 years. We will take part in a big open air Gospel meeting, do outreaches in the bush, schools, prisons, visit a national park / do safaris.
The fees for the outreach will depend on the time when people apply, varying from 600-800 Euros.



In your own country

2nd of December 2017
Winter2Go outreach
Check this inspirational video from last years outreach:

No limit: and


Spain / Melilla

Support the work of the local partner. Share the love of God.
Ask for more information from


Spain / Madrid


Workshops and training in evangelism.

On the Red Box:




We provide volunteer opportunities to help in our distribution center. The volunteer would be responsible for providing their own accommodations.
The volunteers are among other things welcome to join our meetings on Saturdays.




2017, Several options

Landesjugendwerk des BFP Niedersachsen & YA Mission Alive


Europe / Asia / Africa

2017, Several options
Find more info and register: (in Finnish)

Fida international:

2017, Several options

Landesjugendwerk des BFP Niedersachsen & YA Mission Alive

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