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Easter Special

“You are worthy because you were put to death. With your blood, you bought people for God. They come from every tribe, language, people, and nation.” Rev.5:9 (NIRV).


This Easter we celebrate again the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. He paid the price for us all, but not for us alone but for the whole world! His victory over sin, death, and Satan must be known in all the world! Yet there are still 7000 ethnic people groups worldwide who have not heard the message of Christ’s victory. They are still in darkness, lost, without hope, and many even without the church, without missionaries. Prayer and intercession is the key to break the strongholds of the enemy to bring release and salvation to those still in darkness.

We are calling you…

and all believers across Europe to join the prayer chain on Easter Saturday, April 3, and to pray for 30 minutes for 6 UPG’s from our PEM target list. Within 24 hours we will pray for 286 UPG’s and ask God to move among them. Please share the information and invite believers from your country and network. It would be great to have Hundreds of Intercessors taking part in this prayer chain.

How does it work?

Sign in and choose the time slot which fits best for you. The zoom room will be opened from 00:00 to 24:00 h. Join the zoom room and pray with others from across Europe with the zoom link below. For some time slots, the prayer could be done also in your local language. If you lead a time slot you can choose to do it in your language if intercessors from your country are joining you.


We are still looking for prayer leaders

(facilitators) who would lead through the prayer time for a 2-hours time slot. If you are willing to lead such a time slot please let us know and sign your name in as a facilitator in column “Facilitator”.

Go first for the even numbers (2,4,6,8,10,12…). If they are filled up go for the odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9,13,…). Later on we will give you all the instructions and information on how to lead the prayer times.

Thank you so much for considering being part of this intercession time for the nations!

We wish you a blessed Easter time and the rich blessing of Jesus!

Stefan Ross, Belgium (PEM UPG Coordinator), Jozef Brenkus, Slovakia, Roman Lacho, Slovakia

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